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How to find a locum job?

If you already work there this is much easier, just contact medical staffing and say you want to join the bank.

If you want to join a different bank, you may already have an email of who to contact (worth asking on F3 facebook groups).
If you don’t, go through switchboard for the trust and ask for medical staffing or internal bank.
Please see below – we have collated some emails and phone numbers for you to directly contact in some trusts.
If you have further information and want to add to this list, please email us at to help others!

If you know what agency have plenty of work in your area, join this one.
You can also ask on F3 facebook groups for advise.

Messly have created a new resource to find locum work:

Bank vs. Agency

– you may want to join the bank for the trust you did foundation year in, if so, you don’t have to do all the paper work again
– you usually get to pick shifts first. Most trusts will advertise internally before externally to an agency
– they will do your appraisal for free

– may be slightly less pay than agency
– if you join a different bank from the one you did foundation in, the paper work is the same

– usually slightly better pay
– you may have scope to negotiate your pay

– you often have to pay for an appraisal, this can be around £300 for some agencies! Definitely worth checking how much they charge prior to this
– may have fewer jobs than bank as the trust has to pay your wage + a fee to the agency so some trusts are reluctant to use agency doctors

Trust specific

Below there is some limited specific information about trusts. We are still building this and will add more weekly. If you have any further information that would be useful to other doctors or any corrections to the information already provided please contact us!
We will provide a certificate for participation.


Agency rate £37.50 this is usually the max pay
Agencies to join: ID medical or MP locums. Templars for Fife.
Not many agency jobs around Edinburgh, however pay is better.
Specialities: Haematology/Oncology seems to be where most of the agency locum work is in Edinburgh for long term locum posts
Bank: NHS Lothian covers West General Hospital, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, St John’s Livingstone.
Apply for bank:
Bank pay: £26 an hour, £31 OOH

To join NHS Fife – Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy contact:
Rates: around £45 an hour, £55 OOH


Most trusts use third parties for locum work
Chelsea & Westminster, Impresial, London North West, Hillingdon, London COVID 19 Digital Bank all use Patchwork (an agency previous called Locum Tap) which is app based and allows you to book shifts through the app.
You must still sign up through the bank.
St George’s and Kingston use Bank Partners

London rates are capped at £36 an hour and £43 OOH

North West

ELHT (Royal Blackburn Hospital and Burnley district general)
Most jobs are through internal bank £45 an hour in hours and around £47 OOH
Few long term locum jobs but many shifts available adhoc.
Agency: ID – unsure how much they will pay an hour

LTHTR (Royal Preston and Chorley District General)
Most jobs are through internal bank at £40 an hour and around £45 OOH
Do have some long term locums. Many adhoc shifts available in both hospitals.
Joining bank: internal bank staff are managed by Medacs.
Medical joining bank:
Agency: Medacs, fewer shifts available

Article written by Dr. Augustus Diaz and Dr. D Dave